PC Repair

We undertake all forms of PC repair from virus removal to performance tuning. The majority of PC's can be speeded up just by performing a basic health check and upgrading the memory (RAM). On older PC's this can make a significant difference and in some cases prolong the PC's life indefinitely!
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It is necessary to perform regular maintenance on all PC's as this will keep it running in tip-top condition and will ensure it runs to its optimum capabilities and virus/spyware free.

Data Recovery

PC Assistance specialises in Data Recovery from both Desktop PC's and Laptops. If your machine cannot be switched on then the data is still recoverable and your important files, photo's and music can be made available in a format of your choosing.
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The protection of your vital files is off paramount importance and this can be achieved very simply. By investing in an external hard drive your files can be backed up to a separate piece of equipment. This can also be configured to run automatically for complete piece of mind.



The majority of homes in the UK have access to high speed broadband and by the addition of a high quality Firewall Router your broadband can be used faster and more securely.

PC Assistance will also recommend an ISP (Broadband provider) which matches your requirements and can facilitate the transfer from your existing ISP if you choose to move.
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PC Assistance

PC Asistance

Additional services we offer: -

Web Design

PC Assistance can design and implement all types of website. We will facilitate the procurement of domain names, web hosting and implementation.


If you need advice and how to implement a piece of software, need to build a network or have any IT requirement then please get in contact. We provide advice on a no obligation basis and can manage the whole process on your behalf.


We can assist in all aspects of training. Whether you require a basic PC course or advanced Microsoft Access.


We are licensed waste carriers and can provide a service to remove all green waste from your garden and all waste is recycled.
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